AEO Review
Take control of your AEO compliance management

Are you holding an AEO certificate today but do not know whether your processes are compliant with the current Customs legislation and AEO criteria? You may have a planned Customs audit and you want to be fully prepared. KGH can offer you an AEO Review to assess how well you fulfil the criteria and to, identify any gaps and recommend actions.

Your company has an AEO permit, and you need to make sure you meet all the AEO requirements. You want external expertise to check that your processes, systems and security are compliant and to identify any existing gaps that needs to be closed. Perhaps your current personnel were not involved in the original certification processses and routines have not been updated and aligned to changes in procedures.

KGH is experienced in conducting quality assessments and AEO reviews and is the perfect partner if you want to quality assure your AEO status. Experienced experts will review your current processes Customs management and processes against Customs legislation and AEO-criteria, and check whether all relevant processes are documented and updated.

The results you can expect:

  • A clear description of how well your current processes and documentation fulfil the AEO-criteria
  • Identified gaps that needs to be addressed
  • Recommended action plan to address identified gaps
  • With the optimisation option, you will receive recommendations as to how your current processes can be optimised to reap further benefits, efficiency improvements and cost savings

The service you receive:

KGH´s experienced consultants will provide you with a high-quality review of your Customs management and identify any AEO criteria compliance gaps.

As a result of the audit/review, you will receive a clear report of your current status, gaps to address and recommended actions to close the gaps. If you select to add the optimisation option, we will also provide you with any alternative solutions that would optimise your Customs handling. Optimisation could involve more efficient processes, use of different customs procedures, additional permits and use of free trade agreements as well as other actions.