Brexit reportKGH’s Brexit expert, Lars Karlsson, Managing Director of KGH Global Consulting and former Director of World Customs Organization, on behalf of the European Parliament, has written a report covering the consequences of Brexit from a Customs and Border Perspective. The report will presented today for the European Parliament Directorate General for Internal Policies, Constitutional Affairs.

Mr Karlsson, was commissioned, together with two other independent senior experts and researchers, to do an academic study and report on consequences of a hard Brexit for the EU-UK border in general and for Ireland-Northern Ireland especially.

The reports, which were done under Commercial contracts, have now been approved by the European Parliament and will be presented to the parliament’s committee today in an open hearing on Brexit. After the presentations there will be a Q&A session where Committee members, Parliamentarians, Member States, Media and Public can ask questions on the reports.

The report has also been posted on the public domain, and can be reached here

If you want to contact Mr Karlsson directly, you can reach him via e-mail at