Prohibitions and Restrictions 1140X600 Alien

About the course
We examine prohibitions and restrictions relating to the international trade in goods such as conventional weapons, biological and chemical weapons and precursors, nuclear materials and equipment, counterfeit goods, drugs, protected flora and fauna, heritage goods and goods which can potentially harm human health or the environment. We identify the sources of national and EU regulation, emphasise the importance of managing consignments of such goods fully in accordance with the law, and maintaining an up-to-date understanding of EU and national Government requirements.

What you learn

On successful completion of this topic, you will be able to independently handle standard and more complex situations relating to prohibitions and restrictions relating to the international trade in goods. This includes having a broad understanding and detailed knowledge of the following concepts and systems and being able to apply and use this knowledge in your daily activities as a Customs professional:

Legislative Provisions
You will gain a detailed knowledge of the international conventions and arrangements relating to prohibited and restricted goods and the EU legislation giving effect to them.

Types of Prohibitions and Restrictions
You will gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of the different types of prohibited and restricted goods, including relevant licensing and quota requirements. Categories of goods include:

  • Conventional weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Nuclear materials, equipment and technology
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods
  • Licit and Illicit drugs, sports drugs and drug precursors
  • Cultural property goods
  • Endangered species of plants and animals

Roles and Responsibilities
You will gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in situations where goods are the subject of prohibitions or restrictions, including counterfeit or pirated goods, drug precursors, cultural heritage and endangered species of plants or animals.

Measures and procedures in case of irregularities
You will have knowledge of the parties and authorities that are to be informed, and will be able to initiate appropriate action in situations of non-compliance or potential non-compliance with international, EU and national safety and security standards.



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