Entry of Goods 1140X600 Alien

About the course
We address the Entry of Goods process, including all activities required to enter goods in the EU up to the ultimate release of the goods. This includes preparation and lodgement of the Entry Summary Declaration, through to temporary storage and entering the goods into a Customs procedure by lodging a declaration. We also examine the various roles and responsibilities associated with entering goods into the EU.

What you learn
On successful completion of this topic, you will be able to independently handle standard and more complex situations involving the entry of goods into the EU. This includes having a broad understanding and detailed knowledge of the following concepts and systems and being able to apply and use this knowledge in your daily activities as a Customs professional:

Activities to enter goods into the EU.

You will be able to lodge information to Customs (including ENS, notification of arrival, manifest and presentation notification) and will have knowledge of:

  • What information to send and to whom it should be sent
  • Relevant terms and time limits
  • Treatment of regularisation declarations following an assessment and possible exemptions of duties and relevant conditions
  • Information and data fields required in the ENS, notification of arrival, manifest and presentation notification
  • Customs supervision, presentation of goods to Customs and the unloading and examination of goods.
  • How to interpret notifications from Customs (confirmations and rejections, no load messages, advanced intervention messages, etc.) and understand what the appropriate and/or required follow-up actions are
  • How to lodge a temporary storage declaration, and have knowledge of the associated conditions
  • Special cases regarding temporary storage
  • Processes relating to disposal of goods, moving goods between facilities and transferring rights and obligations.


You will also gain an understanding of the concepts of customs status, placing goods under a customs procedure, verification, release and disposal. This will include knowledge of:

  • Determining the Customs status of goods
  • Customs procedures, declarations, verification of declarations and simplifications
  • Release and clearance of goods.

Roles and responsibilities associated with these activities
You will understand the division of the roles and responsibilities related to placing goods under temporary storage and entering goods into the EU.



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