AEO360 Business
The digital solution for AEO compliance

Achieving and retaining the Trusted Trader or AEO status requires the company to maintain strong and relevant structures and processes for compliance management, internal control, risk assessment and Customs competence. AEO360 Business is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that supports the AEO company in meeting the AEO requirements and increase the overall Customs compliance level.

It is essential for companies involved in international supply chains to manage their Customs compliance and supply chain security. For trusted traders and AEO companies, this is an absolute must. Failure may lead to significant penalties, loss of AEO status and bad will.

AEO360 Business helps you to improve your compliance and ensure full internal control of your Customs procedures, risks and control activities, whether across your company structure or throughout the entire group.

Dashboards, advanced risk management and full internal control provides you with a 360 degree real-time view of the current level of compliance. You will be able to identify and analyse any gaps or risks and take necessary actions before any issues arise.

AEO360 Business edition includes all the necessary tools and features that a company needs to manage, monitor and maintain their AEO and Trusted Trader status and to manage Customs compliance.

Key Features

Locations, goods, flows
Location, goods and supply chain mapping gives you full overview and control of your flows. You are able to understand which flows are impacted by any risks or other compliance and security issues.

Manage business partners
Your operations and supply chains are dependent on business partners and their compliance. AEO360 Business helps you to ensure that your business partners are aware of and are following your standards.

Incidents and issues
It is critical that incidents and issues related to your AEO compliance are captured and managed immediately and can be linked to criteria, locations, goods flow and supply chains.

Risk management
AEO and Trusted Trader programmes are based on risk management. Structured risk management is essential, including a real-time risk register covering the whole organization. The risk management features of AEO360 are based on ISO standards and includes a knowledge base with common Customs risks and proposed mitigation measures. This will help you to identify risks and specify recommended actions throughout the entire organisation. You are also able to monitor that these actions are actually carried out.

Compliance plan
Based on the risk management, the compliance plan includes compliance activities and measures that can be delegated and must be carried out by your organization in order to ensure compliance. The compliance plan activities can be assigned and delegated within your organization, enable you to monitor and ensure that they are carried out.

Knowledge base
AEO360 Business comes with a knowledge base of insights, what to look for, procedure templates and best practices. This will improve AEO criteria competence and Customs compliance management among your staff. Templates for your standard operating procedures are included. We are continuously updating the knowledge base.

Benefits monitoring
With AEO360 Business integrated to your processes and systems, you can view and monitor the level of benefits you, as an AEO, receive from the Customs authorities. You will be able to view actual Key Performance Indicators for benefits and, if not as expected, address this with Customs

Customs interaction
The customs interaction module provides you with traceable communication with Customs authorities. Application forms, self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ) and other required documentation can be sent electronically to Customs.

The innovative and advanced dashboards provide you with real-time view of your AEO and Customs compliance. Different roles within the company gets immediate insights on current level of risk and compliance as well as any actions that are required.

The results you can expect:

  • Full visibility in your AEO compliance and how to improve
  • Ensuring that you gets the expected benefits, such as expedited clearance
  • Access to best practices in AEO compliance and supply chain security
  • Become a trusted partner in the supply chain

The service you receive:

AEO360 Business is delivered as Software-as-a-Service and does not require any local deployment.
There are two subscriptions of AEO360, Professional and Enterprise, depending on number of users and size of your company or group. The monthly fee starts from €325, which includes continuous updates of the knowledge base, hosting as well as functional and technical support.

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AEO360 Business is your digital solution for AEO and Customs compliance.