AEO Maintenance
Make sure to stay compliant

AEO status needs to be maintained over time and a certified company needs to regularly prove that it continues to meet the criteria. Customs processes need to be updated in order to reflect changes in operations, legislation, best practice and AEO-criteria. The AEO Maintenance subscription will ensure this.

Once AEO certification has been achieved, it is important to maintain the processes that were implemented. When the systems, security, processes and documentation are not kept up-to-date, there is a real risk of losing AEO status. Re-certification will be time consuming, and the benefits achieved by your AEO-status will be lost.

KGH can provide regular and continuous support to help you maintain your AEO-status. Support can be given in different forms and is always tailored to your company´s specific needs. Common forms of support are:

  • Regular assessments of declarations submitted to Customs
  • Regular review and updates of routines and procedures related to AEO
  • Review of information management and record keeping systems and procedures
  • Review and assessment of supply chain security and information security
  • Training programs to keep Customs competency updated and on-boarding new colleagues
  • Identification of any changes that may have impact on the AEO status

The results you can expect:

  • Customs processes, systems and competences that are kept up-to-date with Customs legislation, AEO-criteria and best practice
  • Regular sampling and quality checking sample Customs declarations
  • Information  regarding changes in legislation and available simplifications
  • A periodic AEO Maintenance report that will highlight any actions required

The service you receive:

  • Assurance that you are compliant with the AEO requirements. Our consultants are well-versed in the Customs regulation and procedures and will provide you with high quality services.
  • A tailored support and compliance plan for your Customs management activities, ensuring a continously maintained AEO-status.
  • Optional training and capacity buidling activities

AEO Maintenance is offered as an option to AEO Analysis and/or AEO Implementation to those clients with an AEO status. The service is provided through an annual subscription, subject to company size, volumes and line of business.