AEO Analysis
Are you ready for AEO?

Are you considering applying for AEO-status and want to know how well your company currently fulfils the AEO-criteria? Our experienced consultants helps you review your current Customs processes and documentation and will provide you with a status report and actions needed to fulfil the criteria. Our consultants can also assist you in completing the AEO application process.

KGH will review your supply chain and involvement in Customs procedures in order to conduct a GAP-analysis against the AEO-criteria. All your related Customs processes will be reviewed and the AEO-readiness measured against the criteria stated in the Customs Legislation and AEO policies.

You will receive a report, summarising the findings for each area reviewed along with the gaps that needs to be addressed and the recommended actions to close the gaps. The report will help you prioritise the work ahead and give you an understanding of the amount of work and resources required for you to become an AEO. With the outcome from the analysis, you will be well prepared to make a decision and move on to the next phase.

The results you can expect:

  • A clear definition of how well your current status/handling fulfils the AEO-criteria
  • Identified gaps that needs to be addressed to fulfil the criteria and the work and resources required
  • Insights into processes and routines to be developed or improved
  • Recommended action plan to address identified gaps and fulfil the criteria
  • A cost benefit analysis to determine the level of benefits and costs that would be associated with AEO certification
  • With the optimisation option, you will receive recommendations as to how your current processes can be optimised to gain further benefits, efficiency improvements or cost savings

The service you receive:

The analysis is done by experienced Customs experts that have deep knowledge of best practice and compliance with AEO requirements and the Customs legislation. With extensive experience within the field, KGH will quickly be able to define current gaps in your Customs management and be able to give you valuable advice as to the changes required to fulfil the AEO-criteria. KGH will also propose alternative solutions that could optimise your customs management.

By giving KGH access to key-personnel within your organisation and current documentation, you will receive optimal support and a clear output that will simplify decisions-making and planning.