“You can’t improve what you can’t see.” KGH’s new control tower system introduces a comprehensive overview of companies’ trade and customs management in the international supply chain and is a game changer, just like when the GPS gave drivers the overview to improve their navigation.

CTDS Customs Process Governance (CPG) allows companies to monitor and follow up trade activities and collaborate with their partners under one digital platform. These new elements enables users to reduce operational costs and optimize duties, whilst contributing to improved risk management.

“You can’t improve what you can’t see. The insight that CPG delivers is a completely new experience in the business. You can compare it back to when the GPS was introduced. All of a sudden, drivers knew not only where to drive, but they also received real time navigation information updates on the routes they are taking,” says Michael Björkman, Key Account Manager Digital at KGH.

The control tower system acts as a central hub between all the parties to the supply chain. It turns fragmented information flows into one efficient process and allows companies to establish the lines of command and the flows to avoid disruptions and costs.

With all relevant data available, CPG will help companies to track their trade flows and measure their performance. Early warnings and automated processes detect and prevent deviations, reducing the risk for costly interruptions in the supply chain. The system contains of a number of applications which could be configured specifically to company’s needs. Customizable dashboards and reports provide them with the intelligence they need to analyze and develop processes, improving operational efficiency.

CPG is most useful for companies with international trade and supply chains.

Key features

  • Designed to naturally blend into the supply chain, parties involved can interact via a single interface to push the process ahead in unison.
  • Tracks the data pipeline all the way through the supply chain process – from documents imported in e-Archive application to monthly follow-ups with the Analytics application.
  • Tracks the completion of milestones and identifies root causes and bottlenecks.
  • Built audit trails, manage access and editing levels for partners and keep all of the company’s documents conveniently stored in one place.
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) which makes it flexible, scalable and able to handle large volumes.
  • Supports both a manual work process as well as a fully digitized information flow.

For more information, contact:

Michael Björkman, Key Account Manager Digital at KGH, , +46 732 365 190

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Customs Process Governance is a part of CTDS, which is a suite of software products designed to help improve and streamline your trade and customs management. It helps customers prepare for and take full advantage of the digitalization within customs and trade. The suite builds on future-proof technology and is constantly developed to match changing legislations and best practices, all of which serves as a guarantee for a compliant and lasting solution.