After the outbreak in Wuhan China at the beginning of the year the Coronavirus with the following Covid-19 infection is spreading rapidly across the globe. New cases are reported daily and more and more countries in Europe are affected.

From a KGH perspective, we regard this as a disruptive and unexpected crisis situation which in the extension can lead to challenges for our everyday operations. We have activated our internal processes for crisis situations and monitor the developments closely. Our priorities are the health and safety of our staff as well as our customers’ ongoing operations.


Customers goods flows can and will be affected by the outbreak. This will impact KGH volumes.

To be able to be pro-active and plan the KGH production, we will reach out to major customers to get their best estimate on volume shifts. Especially important will be the possible increase of volumes, peak, after the crisis is fading and the production will be intensified.


The KGH Network partners are today an important part of the KGH delivery process when it comes to the multi-national clients. The Partners will be as affected as KGH by the virus and we will engage with them to mitigate disruptions and cooperate with them establishing counteractions.


Like any other organization, the Customs Authorities in different countries can be affected.
The KGH team national representatives will on an ongoing basis keep themselves updated with national Customs status, and their fallback procedures if the customs systems are affected in any way.