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Bringing our key Brexit resources and services together in one place

Brexit will have a major impact on the way we trade between European Union and United Kingdom. When leaving the EU due to Brexit, United Kingdom becomes a third country. This means that a Customs border will appear and with Customs and border formalities.

Be ready for the consequences and new trading requirements that follow from Brexit. We help you take the necessary steps to reduce the risks of disruptions in trade flows and supply chains. Keep in mind that processes for obtaining licenses and permits take time and that there is a lack of capable third party service providers to support the trading community in their border management.

So – Let’s get into action gear and make sure that you and your key partners are ready to face the post-Brexit trade reality.

Welcome to the Brexit Service Hub,
Lars Karlsson, Managing Director Global Consulting at KGH Customs Services

Results you can expect:

  • Recommendations for a successful Brexit transition that reduces costs, strengthens compliance and minimizes risks for business interruptions along supply chains.
  • Improved trade and supply chain management – our comprehensive advisory services help you identify what to do and how to get there, together we translate strategy into actions.
  • Leveraging Brexit as a strategic opportunity to boost your competitiveness and trade performance.

Explore our Brexit services

KGH Strategy & Consulting offers several services to align with specific company needs and complexities:

Brexit Navigator

Do you feel that you have a good overview of the implications that the new border will have on your supply flows and business to/from the UK or EU respectively and how you can prepare?

A (virtual) meeting of your senior management with two of our executives will help your company on its way to navigate the post-Brexit landscape – getting visibility on the areas that will impact you or really drive value.

Brexit Analysis Light

Have you secured your post-Brexit risk management and compliance and ensured access to required permits and licences? Within a set budget and defined timeframe, the KGH Brexit Analysis Light provides you with a swift and fundamental recommendations for the prerequisites to safeguard smooth border crossings of your top-priority trade flows.

Get ahead!

Signature Brexit Analysis

Are you all set to optimize your day-to-day operations in the post-Brexit reality? Going beyond short-term gaps, the KGH Signature Analysis also identifies how you can improve your operational set-up to increase your efficiency and compliance in cross-border trade and ensure command and oversight of your Customs operations.

Consolidate and streamline your Customs operations!

Tailor-made Strategic Brexit Analysis

Have you considered leveraging Brexit and the evolving new trade dynamics as an opportunity to identify and realise untapped strategic Trade and Customs opportunities?

Bringing together our top-notch experience across consulting, operations and digital solutions, our Tailor-made Strategic Analysis provides you with a strategic rethink on your competitive trade performance and sourcing capabilities. We can help your company take competitive advantage and jump ahead by operational excellence and Customs value chain development.

Brexit Capacity Building

With Brexit on the horizon, it is important to understand the customs procedures required for trading goods between mainland Europe and the UK. Do you have a training strategy for your inhouse team to ensure supply chain optimization and adhere to new stricter post-Brexit compliance levels and requirements?

KGH’s Trade & Customs Academy offers various resource tools and (online) training to boost your Customs knowledge and competence.

Our Brexit knowledge tools and resources

How to master Brexit: Download our guide

The “Brexit Survival Guide” summarizes the key take-aways, including some practical pointers, from renowned experts and participants at KGH Brexit symposium. Download the guide to kick-start your Brexit considerations and preparations. For a more comprehensive overview of how Brexit will affect your business, please contact us on our Brexit hotline

3 strategic conclusions Brexit Symposium

Moderator Donia Hammami gives a snapshot of several key outcomes of last week’s international Brexit Symposium in Germany. Tune into the main strategic takeaways of the discussions that brought together top-notch experts from both sides of the Channel.

Do you have your Brexit strategy in place?

As Brexit creeps ever closer, it’s increasingly clear that many companies will face difficulties in their supply chain and organization, an increase in their exposure to risk plus damage to their bottom line. And that’s even with a soft Brexit and a good trade deal! So, with the real chance of a “no deal” Brexit looming, it’s even more vital to have a comprehensive strategy that helps you prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.


Leading Brexit expertise: our experts have been working directly with the UK and the EU on a Brexit solution for foreign trade and know Brexit from the inside-out. KGH has been an instrumental thought leader in the debate on the future UK-EU “Smart Border 2.0”.

Broad and top-notch Customs & Trade experience: We have supported +50 Government clients and more than 14.000 private sector client from all industries in optimizing their Customs, Trade and border management processes. Customs is and has been at the core of KGH’s services for over 50 years.

Hands-on approach: action-based with a focus on results. We are pragmatic, engaged and work hard to reach set targets.

Strong network and reach. We have access to key stakeholders in governments, authorities and associated experts all over the world. Getting the information you need fast – and getting the job done!