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Studying online provides maximum flexibility, and is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

Studying online is a convenient way to increase your knowledge and skills. It provides the flexibility to meet ongoing work commitments without the need to attend lectures or workshops, which often involves costly travel expenses away from work and home life. Work your way through the course material at a pace and time that best suits your needs.

Certificate Level 3 Qualifications
These courses are offered through the UK Institute of Export and International Trade


Certificate in Customs Legislation and Procedures – this introductory level qualification is designed to get people started in the Customs profession.

Certificate in Customs Duty Calculation – this introductory level qualification is designed to provide people with the basic skills required to calculate the amount of customs duty that is payable on imported goods.

European Customs Law Accredited Training program – ECLAT

Our flagship online program, the European Customs Law Accredited Training program – ECLAT – represents the most inclusive, innovative training program of its kind. It provides a comprehensive, unrivalled coverage of all aspects of EU customs law and procedures. The program utilizes the latest in learning techniques and draws on the curricula of the world’s leading customs university. Most importantly, it is recognized across the EU as meeting the practical standards of competence for AEO purposes.


Available ECLAT courses
Below are the 16 topics which make up the complete ECLAT program. Each may be taken individually, or you may wish to enrol in the entire program leading to an academic degree in Customs. By enrolling in the entire program rather than individual topics, you will save €800 (€3,800 vs 4,600). Those who successfully complete the entire (16 topics) program will receive credit towards the academic programs of Charles Sturt University.

ECLAT Topic Fees and Estimated Study Hours











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