Trade and Customs Education
Minimise costs and mitigate risk

Trade and Customs training and education to improve operational efficiency, minimise costs and mitigate risk.

KGH’s leading-edge education and training programs in EU customs law and procedures provide you with the most comprehensive suite of learning available. Which includes the flexibility of self-paced online learning.

Our flagship ECLAT program is widely recognised as the world’s leading training platform in the highly specialised area of customs and cross-border regulation. Further, our programs are regularly reviewed and updated, to ensure that they reflects contemporary and emerging issues in the field of international trade and customs.

For maximum benefit, we also tailor training programs to meet your specific business requirements. We help you develop a fully skilled workforce that meets the Authorized Economic Operator requirements while minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Brexit Customs Training
Customs tools & courses – survival kit

With Brexit on the horizon, it is important to understand the customs procedures required for trading goods between mainland Europe and the UK. For many years this has involved the simple transportation of goods from one country to another, but things are about to change. In future customs will treat such sales as imports and exports and you will be expected to comply with the associated legal requirements and procedures. A good understanding of Customs processes will be key to the success of your business and its bottom-line. Get started today!

Tools & courses

Online education programs
Studying online provides maximum flexibility, and is both time-efficient and cost effective.

Studying online is a convenient way to increase knowledge and skills. It provides the flexibility to meet ongoing work commitments without the need to attend lectures or workshops, which often involves costly travel expenses away from work and home life. Work your way through the course material at a pace and time that best suits your needs.

Our flagship online program, the European Customs Law Awareness Training program – ECLAT – represents the most inclusive, innovative training program of its kind. It provides a comprehensive, unrivalled coverage of all aspects of EU customs law and procedures. 

We also offer Certificate programs through the UK Institute of Export and International Trade.

Online learning


Learning approach

We adopt a proven LPA learning approach to customs education:

Detailed study of the relevant legislation

Comprehensive coverage of the relevant principles

Exercises that test a person’s understanding of the topic in order to demonstrate their knowledge of how the legal principles are applied in practice

Professional faculty

KGH Trade and Customs Academy is supported by an unrivalled team of expert practitioners, teachers and academics, including the leading professionals in their field. These include Mr Michael Lux, the author of the Union Customs Code, highly respected customs academics such as Professor Wes Czyżowicz, leading customs paractitioners such as Mr Vidar Gundersen, and the founding WCO Director of Capacity Building, Mr Lars Karlsson.