Tailor-made Strategic Brexit Analysis
Tap into strategic Customs opportunities beyond Brexit

Have you considered making use of Brexit as an opportunity to boost performance and strengthen your competitiveness? KGH’s Tailor-made Strategic Brexit Analysis enables you to get ahead of the competition by identifying untapped strategic Trade and Customs opportunities alongside assessing your supply chain management.

Look at competitive trade performance and sourcing capabilities – rethink your cross-border business for maximum results leaving the competition behind. Our strategic services help you identify what to do and how to get there.

To reach operational excellence and leveraging Customs value chain development, it is imperative to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Does my company have a quality data baseline across various business units to make informed P/L decisions about our cross-border trade flows and desired strategic changes – including additional costs, time and compliance risks in Brexit’s short, mid and long terms scenarios?
  • Do we have a thorough understanding of the impact of Customs value chains on our R&D, production & sales profit margins? Do we apply Free Trade Agreements, Rules of Origin, VAT & Duty optimization models, and business unit ownership across jurisdictions in our business considerations?
  • Is our current Customs operating model viable in the long-term?

Key features and expected results:

  • Bespoke service according to your needs, company structure and operational complexities. Onsite and offsite meetings and workshops – frequency and scope depending on client preferences.
  • Personal engagement of Lars Karlsson, Managing Director of KGH Global Consulting – globally one of the most renowned Customs experts in the world and a highly respected Brexit expert in the Customs and border management domain.
  • Increased trade performance thanks to a deeper insight into (and control of) global changes – not only Brexit but also rising trade barriers and tapping into Free Trade Agreements, Trusted Trader programs and more.
  • More effective and cost-efficient operations through smarter working processes and access to KGH best practice knowledge.
  • Improved compliance and risk mitigation by optimizing Customs processes and procedures – navigating regulations and ensuring compliant processes especially in what can be a challenging foreign market. Review of your processes to help ensure compliant trade management whilst also tapping into opportunities that exist within the legislation. This will help you keep costs, time and risk down.

Of course, if desired, our team remains ready to support the implementation of the final recommendations – leveraging our 50 + years of Customs experience across consulting, operations and digital solutions.


Leading Brexit expertise: our experts have been working directly with the UK and the EU on a Brexit solution for foreign trade and know Brexit from the inside-out. KGH has been an instrumental thought leader in the debate on the future UK-EU “Smart Border 2.0”.

Broad and top-notch Customs & Trade experience: We have supported +50 Government clients and more than 14.000 private sector client from all industries in optimizing their Customs, Trade and border management processes. Customs is and has been at the core of KGH’s services for over 50 years.

Hands-on approach: action-based with a focus on results. We are pragmatic, engaged and work hard to reach set targets.

Strong network and reach. We have access to key stakeholders in governments, authorities and associated experts all over the world. Getting the information you need fast – and getting the job done!