Signature Brexit Analysis
Optimize your day-to-day cross-border trade

KGH’s Signature Brexit Analysis does not only provide a comprehensive assessment of your compliance gaps for a post-Brexit reality, but it also identifies how you can mitigate the negative business impacts by utilizing the full opportunities given by sophisticated Customs solutions.

More in-depth and broader in scope than our Brexit Analysis Light, the KGH Signature Brexit Analysis supports companies with a higher number of impacted goods, more complex trade flows or increased levels of risk exposure. Moreover, our experts will advise you how to strengthen your internal Customs, Trade and border management processes and oversight – empowering you to deal with increased trade volumes, remove inefficiencies, and make more informed decisions.

The results you can expect

  • Everything that the KGH Brexit Analysis Light offers and more in terms of specific product and trade flow requirements – looking more in-depth and beyond minimum requirements, permits, licences, certificates, statuses, tariffs and product safety & sanitary standards.
  • Identification of mitigation opportunities to reduce the Brexit business impact. In addition, evaluation of your internal analysis if you already conducted such a risk or gap assessment will be included – have you covered your bases to ensure the same business experience by your end-customers?
  • Gap-finding of required Customs process documentation to enable application of special Customs procedures.
  • Assessment of the required infrastructure and competence needed for Customs handling, VAT, excise, and other border processes to adhere to stricter compliance requirements and enable smooth transactions.
  • Check on visibility of duty impact on final products or imports – are you capitalizing on legislative opportunities to reduce duty-payments?
  • Advice on how to consolidate and improve your operational Customs and border management set-up to improve performance & efficiency by:
    • Standardising processes and improving data quality
    • Integrating IT-solutions enabling command and oversight of your Customs operations
    • Securing workforce competence to manage and succeed in the new day-to-day ecosystem
  • Checking on the possible re-evaluation of contracts with sub-contractors, sub-suppliers, transporters, and service providers as Brexit may alter their competitive positions.

Of course, if desired, our team remains ready to support you with follow up actions for tangible results in terms of compliance, risk and cost mitigation, and optimization of day-to-day Customs and border management.

The service you receive

Key features and highlights of the KGH Signature Brexit Analysis include:

  • The KGH Signature Brexit Analysis is based on our Signature top-tier Brexit-methodology. Based on the trade flows potentially affected, we will together define the scope of the Analysis.
  • The results and recommendations of our KGH Brexit Signature Analysis can, on average, be offered within 3-8 weeks after kick-starting our collaboration and depending on your available data points and business complexities.
  • We will conduct a detailed analysis of the requirements and dynamics impacting trade flows and goods’ categories that have been identified as a company priority.
  • The KGH Signature Brexit Analysis includes an initial kick-off meeting or workshop with your key staff members, both on-site and off-site analysis, as well as an face to face meeting to present and discuss the results and proposed action plan to C-level management. Depending on our dialogue in defining your needs and preferences, our experts would also be pleased to provide a mitigation opportunities workshop which would be highly beneficial in facilitating a hands-on way forward.


Leading Brexit expertise: our experts have been working directly with the UK and the EU on a Brexit solution for foreign trade and know Brexit from the inside-out. KGH has been an instrumental thought leader in the debate on the future UK-EU “Smart Border 2.0”.

Broad and top-notch Customs & Trade experience: We have supported +50 Government clients and more than 14.000 private sector client from all industries in optimizing their Customs, Trade and border management processes. Customs is and has been at the core of KGH’s services for over 50 years.

Hands-on approach: action-based with a focus on results. We are pragmatic, engaged and work hard to reach set targets.

Strong network and reach. We have access to key stakeholders in governments, authorities and associated experts all over the world. Getting the information you need fast – and getting the job done!