Brexit Navigator
Find your way in the Brexit landscape

As a senior manager it is hard to keep track of the many articles and news stories on Brexit: What do you need to know, and what actions should you take? Have you not imported or exported outside of the EU before? Or wonder what Brexit will mean for your company? Get started and ask our Customs & Trade experts!

Many companies are mistakenly holding off on their Brexit preparations, whilst there is a surprising lack of awareness and knowhow surrounding how to prepare. However, doing nothing is not an option. The KGH Brexit Navigator provides you with a solid orientation – guiding you what processes and compliance requirements to look at to facilitate your imports and exports.

The results you can expect

  • Get the latest update on the Brexit developments with regard to border-crossings.
  • Get an impression on how Brexit will impact your key trade flows between mainland Europe and the UK: What are the compliance requirements traders will have to adhere to and what could this mean for your business?

The service you receive

If you are uncertain about how your company will cope with Brexit’s impact on trade and the associated risks to your business, we can help you on your way in navigating and identifying priority actions. Our executives will bring you up to speed and provide you with an opportunity to get an overview of what you need to know.

During a two hour virtual meeting you will get a better understanding of how to secure contingency – receiving advice and action pointers based on your business. The KGH Brexit Navigator service is available for a fixed price of EUR 1 500.


Leading Brexit expertise: our experts have been working directly with the UK and the EU on a Brexit solution for foreign trade and know Brexit from the inside-out. KGH has been an instrumental thought leader in the debate on the future UK-EU “Smart Border 2.0”.

Broad and top-notch Customs & Trade experience: We have supported +50 Government clients and more than 14.000 private sector client from all industries in optimizing their Customs, Trade and border management processes. Customs is and has been at the core of KGH’s services for over 50 years.

Hands-on approach: action-based with a focus on results. We are pragmatic, engaged and work hard to reach set targets.

Strong network and reach. We have access to key stakeholders in governments, authorities and associated experts all over the world. Getting the information you need fast – and getting the job done!