TSP Start-up Service
Get your imports into the UK post-Brexit

The UK’s Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) measure is meant to ensure that trade can continue to move between the EU and the UK following a Hard Brexit. The aim of TSP is to speed up the border crossing for registered traders by facilitating imports into the UK. KGH`s TSP start-up service will help you facilitate your imports.

The UK´s new Conservative Party leadership is determined for the UK to depart the EU at the end of October, with or without a deal. As a result the UK will become a third country in its trading relationship with the EU, with a customs border with effect from 1 November 2019.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has published a range of guidelines for this situation. In particular, as a Hard Brexit is now a real possibility, HMRC has indicated that it will be highly dependent on a temporary facilitation measure to help ensure that trade can continue to move between the EU known as Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), launched earlier this year.

The aim of TSP is to speed up the border crossing for registered traders by allowing them to account for duty and VAT on a periodic basis. Due to the need to account for import VAT correctly, the owner of the goods at the time that they enter the UK must register for TSP.

  • TSP is open to importers that have an address in the UK.
  • Brokers cannot register and act for their clients.
  • VAT registration will be necessary.
  • If customs duty is due on the imported goods, a financial guarantee and duty deferment account will be required. A reverse charge on the importer´s VAT return will deal with the liability to import VAT.
  • Acceptance of an export declaration at the point of departure from the EU, e.g. at the Channel Tunnel in Calais, will result in a vehicle being granted Permission to Progress. The vehicle will then be free to board and continue its journey without the need to stop at the UK frontier.
  • Import declarations will comprise two parts:
    • An initial simple message prior to import.
    • Immediately following the end of the month of the import, a detailed supplementary declaration is required.
  • Initially, there will be a suspension in the requirement to submit simplified freight messages. The same will apply to supplementary declarations, but eventually these will be required for all shipments. (Note that this relaxation does not apply to “controlled goods” as defined by the UK Government).
  • Any importer in the UK wishing to make use of TSP should apply immediately. The process can take up to several months – most notably for foreign companies.

Due to the very limited time available, any importer in the UK wishing to make use of TSP must apply immediately.

The service you receive

KGH, through our UK offices, offers a start-up service for companies in order to prepare for a Hard Brexit. For a limited fee, KGH will arrange the following:

  • Obtain an EORI number.
  • Register for TSP.
  • Provide a VAT approval.
  • Confirm the simplified reporting requirements at the point of departure.
  • Provide details of the supplementary reporting requirements.
  • Validate test supplementary declarations to ensure that they are acceptable to HMRC.
  • Prepare a guarantee application.
  • Prepare a duty deferment application.
  • Provide regular Brexit updates as HMRC’s requirements evolve.

Please note that the TPS measure only applies into the UK. The facilitate your exports from the UK, please visit our KGH Brexit Declaration Portal.


The fee for TSP registration and supplementary declaration validation will be £1,250 (€1,375). For those companies that also require a customs guarantee and duty deferment account, an additional charge of £1,250 (€1,375) will apply. For those companies that also require a VAT registration an additional charge of £1,500 (€1,650) will apply.


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