Managed Services Focus on your core business while ensuring efficient, compliant customs handling.

Free-up time and focus on your key activities while strengthening compliance and lowering costs. KGH scalable managed services provide the expertise and capacity you need – today and tomorrow. Whether you need a quick start-up interim customs expert or a long-term speaking partner, we have the solution. Contact us today and let´s talk about your needs.

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What you gain

Free up time for the core business.

Make use of the competence you need, when you need it.

Ensure your business is always up-do-date with the latest legislation.

Boost competence in the organisation.

KGH are specialists in their field and prove this with competent and reliable consulting, as well as prompt practical application in our day-to-day co-operation.

Dr. Aljoscha Brandt

Regulatory Affairs Officer,

VWR, part of Avantor

About the discipline

Managed Services provide customs expertise and capacity in the form of ongoing assignments, scalable to your changing needs. Using Managed Services can be a cost-effective way to increase knowledge and cover gaps in the organisation for efficient, compliant long-term customs handling. The range of services covers all aspects of customs. Get in touch with us today to explore how you can benefit.

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Common challenges

Shifting but continuous needs for customs support to remove bottlenecks.

Customs competence issues in several different areas in need of an interim solution.

A need to strengthen customs knowledge to ensure compliance.

Increased need of flexibility in the customs organisation.

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What we can do for you

Take advantage of our managed services to develop your customs operations over time and support changes. We act as part of your organisation and contribute the knowledge and capacity you need.



  • Stronger compliance.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Less need to invest in in-house customs knowledge.


  • Companies in need of quick and easy access to customs advice.


  • Instant response in urgent custom matters from local experts.
  • Select between first-line or second line support.
  • Response via preferred contact method, such as email, phone or online meeting tool.



  • Stronger compliance.
  • Assured customs knowledge.


  • Companies needing additional customs capacity temporarily.
  • Companies wanting to strengthen their customs competence temporarily.
  • Companies with a need for expert resources for a limited time such as peak period support.
  • Companies wanting to free up time and increase the room for manoeuvre in connection with a change.
  • Companies requiring a qualified customs expert with a short start-up time.
  • Companies needing temporary external competence on a continuous assignment.


  • Dedicated customs expert according to your needs – competence, time-limited, ongoing resource or workforce.
  • Access to the entire team of KGH and Maersk experts with global reach and competence.



  • Duty optimisation.
  • Trade performance.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Predictability to avoid issues with customs authorities.


  • Global companies with complex trade flows and high volumes.
  • Companies in need of single speaking partner for global setup and customs enquiries/questions.
  • Companies in need external coordination of customs matters in the global supply chain.
  • Companies needing a sparring partner when changing sourcing patterns.
  • Companies with a need for facilitation or a bridging function between operational management, IT, business trade, risk and finance.


  • Continuous support in supervising and foreseeing customs challenges in a global environment.
  • A partner for ongoing strategic and operational customs decisions.
  • Access to senior competence when transforming the supply chain and customs management.



  • Pay lowest, allowed duties and fees.
  • Mitigate the risks and ensure compliance with regulations and restrictions.
  • Free up internal resources.
  • Prevent disturbances in the flow of goods.


  • Companies in need of ongoing updates and validation of articles.
  • Continuous inflow of new articles that need to be classified.
  • Companies with an ongoing need to match different regional tariffs.
  • Companies entering new markets and tariff translations.
  • Companies required to structure and organise the classification process.


  • Master data management by adding HS codes to new items.
  • Review of HS codes to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.
  • In-depth classification investigations for complex commodities.
  • Overall HS code support and increased quality assured classification process.



  • Remain AEO compliant.
  • Ensure adherence to customs rules and regulations.
  • Focus on core business instead of AEO maintenance.


  • Companies with AEO authorisation.


  • Validation of improvements and pre-audits.
  • Continuous AEO support and monitoring to stay compliant.
  • Preparation for customs AEO audits.



  • Ensure compliance.
  • Mitigate financial and reputational risk.
  • Avoid chain effects that can harm current businesses.


  • Companies or businesses trading with restricted goods and/or high-risk markets.


  • Evaluation of complex rules and regulations.
  • Sanction list screenings.
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What does a customs consultant do?

A customs consultant helps you to follow and complete your customs procedures. They are experts in the area of customs, and they can assist you with strategic customs decisions and optimise your customs handling. The primary responsibilities are to prepare and process relevant and necessary documents, support inspections, help with audits, etc.


How do I choose a customs broker?

Choose a broker with experience in your industry, take references, and make sure they can handle your volume and products. We have over 50 years of experience as a customs broker within all industries and company sizes.


How does a customs broker work?

When you need to clear your goods through customs, a broker primarily assists you in tracking shipment, filing customs entries, and paying duties and fees, but additional services may also be available if required.


What are the benefits of using a customs broker?

A customs broker can provide additional benefits, including risk management. Organisations and governments hire a customs broker to ensure compliance with the latest rules and regulations, taxes, and the necessary documentation for import or export goods. A customs broker can help out with complex issues, and may be able to provide feedback on how to reduce the duties and taxes you pay.


What does AEO mean?

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a certified standard issued by customs administrations in the EU and all over the world. It is a hallmark for meeting safety and quality standards for companies and trading partners. Being AEO certified reduces the risk that the flow of goods to and from the EU will be subject to control.



Vast knowledge
Customs is a multi-faceted area. We unite 50 years of experience with specialist knowledge in all relevant areas.

A comprehensive service portfolio
In addition to a vast range of consulting services, we also provide digital solutions and customs clearance services globally.

A global network of expertise
We can support you globally as part of Maersk Customs Services, combining one interface and local know-how.

We are shaping future legislation
KGH is a member of several forums where new legislation is created, giving us unique insight that can benefit our customers.

Supporting both the public and private sector
Working with international corporations and government worldwide broadens our perspective and our ability to help.