My Customs Desk
Predictive customs support that helps you optimize your customs processes

MyCustomsDesk is your point of contact to the knowledge you need to ensure smooth customs handling. Whether you have a specific question or a wider issue, the advisors at MyCustomsDesk increase your insight and can advise on suitable solutions.

The results you can expect

  • Improved customs handling. MyCustomsDesk shows you untapped opportunities while simplifying and facilitating legal compliance.
  • Duty Optimization through better use of free trade agreements, origin and classifications as well as customs solutions and procedures.
  • Operational savings thanks to reduced handling costs, improved processes and increased quality.

The service you receive

MyCustomsDesk aims to reduce friction in customs handling by reducing your customs complexity and improving your customs competence.

The service gives you access to customs expertise for research, solutions and advice. And through continuous cooperation, the advisors will get to know your business and your needs, allowing them to provide tailored insights. Increased understanding and better decision support help you identify possible actions and take well-grounded decisions that develop your customs handling.

MyCustomsDesk contributes to your business through improved efficiency and effectiveness in your customs and trade management – including less need for legal monitoring of customs handling.

Key features include

  • Single point of contact for all your questions related to customs handling.
  • Dedicated experts who only work with predictive customs support.
  • Complex customs regulations and issues turned into concrete advice and actions based on your business.


  • Our customers come from all industries involved in international trade, giving KGH a unique position to see the connections, solutions and trends for customs management.
  • At KGH, we are used to high levels of complexity and how to manage them in an international business environment.
  • Our experts are used to handling all customs matters, both from outside and within EU.
  • KGH takes an active part in different forums where future legislation is discussed.
  • Increase control and strengthen compliance with a single point of contact and access to local expertise. As a part of Maersk Customs Services, we help you manage customs globally.