TRANSIT DECLARATIONS Reduce lead-times and move your cross-border goods more freely by using transit procedures

The transit procedure can reduce your costs for customs clearance, while simplifying your administration and improving cash flow. You clear your goods and pay duties and taxes at the destination, rather than at the point of entry.

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Results you can expect:

Reduce lead-times for cross-border movements
Thanks to many years of experience as customs agents, we can assist you with correct and timely transit clearance of T1/T2 documents.

An efficient, uninterrupted logistics chain
By handling your transits together with your import/export clearance, these services will be synced, ensuring a smooth, compliant entry/exit process.

Avoidance of unnecessary customs duties or other fees
When a supply chain covers several countries or customs unions, we can assist you with a transit declaration to avoid unnecessary payments of customs duties and VAT.

Improved risk management
By offering you a single point of contact, extensive customs experience and simplified procedures, we help you eliminate the risk of penalties and fees.

Mowi Markets Norway AS uses KGH as the main supplier of solutions for customs handling within the EU. KGH is our advisor on transit issues. Availability, price, quality and service are the most important reasons we have chosen KGH as a long-term partner. KGH offers customs solutions at all the borders that Mowi Markets Norway AS passes on its way into the EU today. KGH takes care of all our important customs issues and is very professional in its contact with the customs authorities.

Ivar Raugstad

Logistics Director,

Mowi Markets Norway AS

The service you receive:

Transport your goods freely across borders and through countries using transit procedures.

Smooth processing

KGH provides correct and timely transit clearance of your T1/T2 documents, both at start-up and on arrival. This ensures that your goods can be transported more efficiently across different customs territories.

Starting the transit procedure

KGH provides correct and timely transit start-up and avoids delays caused by incorrect transit clearance. If we also handle your export clearance, these services will be synced, ensuring a smooth, compliant exit process.

Notifying transit arrival at the destination

With our experience and know-how, we provide correct and timely closure of arrived transit operations. If we also handle your import clearance, these services will be synced, ensuring both a compliant and smooth entry process.

Guarantees for the transit operation

With our transit guarantees, we provide the required security for customs import taxes and duties during the transit operation.

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Why KGH?

Trade and customs expertise and experience
For more than 50 years, our organisation has been focusing on your cross-border business. With in-depth knowledge of international trade and customs, we ensure your solution creates tangible results.

A vast service offering
KGH has a vast service portfolio, catering to all your customs needs. In addition to the various customs clearance services, we also provide a wide range of consulting services and digital solutions that can advance your customs management.

Helping you end-to-end
As part of Maersk, we support you all the way. Utilise the power of our end-to-end solutions to enhance your supply chain and advance your business.

Global reach, local know-how
Increase control and strengthen compliance with a single point of contact and access to local expertise. As a part of Maersk Customs Services, we help you manage customs globally.