TRACES Declaration Importing your animal & plant products safely into the EU

The KGH TRACES declaration service ensures the smooth flow of goods into and within the EU/EEA area. We can act as your single point of contact, giving you a seamless experience and an efficient handling of the entire import clearance process.

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What you gain:

Smooth border crossings 
By handling both your TRACES and import declarations, we safeguard your flows of goods. Our end-to-end overview of the customs process enable fast reactions and correct, efficient handling.

Improved compliance and risk mitigation
KGH’s experienced personnel help you to avoid costly fines and the risk of unplanned disruptions in the supply chain, by making sure your documents (e.g. private attestations) are correctly entered and readily available in due time.

Worry-free service with a single point of contact
By letting KGH also take care of your TRACES declarations, you enjoy a frictionless experience without the need to invest in fixed capacity and extensive training of your staff.

What is TRACES?

TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) is the European Commission’s online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification required for the importation of animals, animal products, food and feed of non-animal origin, and plants into the European Union/EEA area, and the intra-EU trade and EU exports of animals and certain animal products.

The main objective of TRACES is to provide a common tool to ease communication between applicants and veterinary authorities for TRACES applications, for all points of entry into the EU/EEA area.

It facilitates the exchange of data, information and documents between all involved trading parties and control authorities, and therefore simplifies and speeds up the administrative procedures.

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The service you receive:

The KGH TRACES application service is performed in parallel with your import declarations and includes everything necessary for your goods to reach their destination in the EU, smoothly and without delay.

Entering your sanitary or phytosanitary certifications into TRACES via KGH’s own account

As soon as the border control authorities have checked the consignment and Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) at the border, we will see the validation in the system to proceed with the import declaration.

Handling of import customs clearance as well as TRACES application

KGH is committed to providing a comprehensive customs clearance experience, including all services for additional requirements like entering and monitoring your Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) in TRACES.

Communicating with the authorities

We manage all communications with the authorities and make sure the correct information is available at the right place and in time – preventing problems before they occur.

Control of customs end-to-end

With offices and capacity both within and outside the EU, KGH are in the best position to handle all customs requirements efficiently and stay in control of the entire import process for their customers.

Exploring digital opportunities

KGH can act as your single point of contact for full overview of the customs clearance process, with the ability to automate data flows for smoother processing and reduced risk of errors.

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What is TRACES used for?

TRACES is the European Commission’s online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification required for the importation of animals, animal products, food and feed of non-animal origin and plants into the European Union, and the intra-EU trade and EU exports of animals and certain animal products.


Who needs to use TRACES?

EU law requires consignments of animals, animal products, certain food and feed of non-animal origin and the majority of plants to be accompanied by official certificates, attesting compliance with the applicable requirements.

Source:,  also find more info here about how TRACES works.

Which goods are affected?

  • POAO (Products of Animal Origin)
  • ABP (Animal By Products)
  • HRFNAO (High Risk Food and Feed Not of Animal Origin)
  • Plants and Plant Based Products
  • Composite Products
  • Germinal Products

What are the consequences if I don’t submit the TRACES application?

The goods will be held at the EU border, or the driver will have to return to the EU entery point.

How do I know if my products require a TRACES application?

Reach out to our dedicated consultancy team who can help you review your commodity codes and how TRACES potentially impacts your business.

I am a UK exporter. What are my obligations with regard to TRACES?

As an exporter you have no obligations concerning TRACES. However, a TRACES application cannot be made without the correct sanitary or phytosanitary certification, which you are responsible for.

I am an EU/EEA importer. What are my obligations with regard to TRACES?

To obtain the sanitary or phytosanitary certification necessary for your goods and enter it into TRACES prior to shipment, so the border control authorities can validate the Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs).

Do I need to be EU based/an EU company (EORI number in the EU) to set up a TRACES account?

If you reside in the EU you will need an EORI number, but KGH can handle this for you, just ask. If you are not EU-based please check your local rules and regulations how to register.

If you are a Norwegian company, you can access Traces through your Norwegian company number and thus do not need an EORI number.

Why KGH?

Experience with sanitary and phytosanitary imports and exports
We are up to date with customs legislation and associated requirements, and have experience in developing solutions for customers in various set-ups.

Offices both within and outside the EU
We have an overview of the whole customs process and can act as an intermediary between exporter, importer and Border Control to prevent issues arising, e.g. from mismatched documentation.

TRACES registered
KGH already has access to TRACES and is ready to manage your TRACES applications within the set time frame.

Automated processes
With experience in automating customs processes by aiming for a higher level of digitalisation, KGH can support you in optimising your data flows for reduced manual handling.

Providing professional capacity
KGH has well-trained, experienced customs administrators with 1,200 people at your service.

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