EXPORT DECLARATIONS Swift and compliant customs clearance for a smooth export business

Speed, reliability and, above all, compliance with customs regulations are essential for keeping your customers happy and ensuring smooth flows. Let KGH help you to ensure efficient, secured goods flows!

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Results you can expect:

Secured customs processes for efficient clearance 
Our experts make sure that all your customs procedures are simplified as far as possible, and that smooth handling of customs declaration documents leads to efficient clearance.

Compliance with customs regulations
We provide quality-approved exportation and ensure that export clearance is compliant with current customs rules and regulations (export control, third party screening, etc.).

Correct classification of goods to optimise duties paid
Using the correct commodity codes for your goods is essential in all cross-border trade. We can assist you with classification to avoid unnecessary duties, hold-ups, or even fines.

Tailored solutions with the capacity to meet your needs
With 1,200 experienced staff members all over Europe, you have access to both the capacity and competencies required to turn your needs into efficient solutions, today and tomorrow.

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The service you receive:

KGH sets up the best processes to handle your declarations efficiently and compliantly, clarifying any arising issues so your goods can swiftly go on their journey. As a part of Maersk Customs Service, we are ready to help you manage customs globally.

Smooth handling of your customs declarations

With flexible service times (24/7 in some places) and the possibility to either make the export declaration in KGH’s own customs production software or your system, we ensure the smooth handling of your documents. We make sure that all customs-related data is validated to perform customs declarations with the customs authorities, and all the documents are properly available to you at the end of the transaction. We also monitor the proof of exportation.

A dedicated team at your service

To ensure efficiency, a dedicated team with a good understanding of your business, as well as customs, will be at your service. This also facilitates communication, which further contributes to a smooth clearance process.

Professional full service around your export

From classification of your goods to export control and third party screening, as well as the preparation of movement certificates/handling original documents (e.g. A.TR, EUR1, EUR-MED), we can support you to the exact extent you require.

Automation and digitisation of customs processes

We help you define and implement solutions that automate the data flows between your systems and KGH. Automated processes and our digital solutions increase efficiency, reduce the manual workload, and enhance data quality.

Special customs procedures

We handle all regular customs procedures from a single export declaration to special customs procedures, such as re-export on returning goods, outward processing for goods you export temporarily for processing and later re-import, etc.

Keeping in touch with authorities to avoid delays

We clarify queries and stay in contact with customs authorities in involved countries to avoid unnecessary delays at the borders or with the clearance of your goods.

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Why KGH?

Trade and customs expertise and experience
For more than 50 years, our organisation has been focusing on your cross-border business. With in-depth knowledge of international trade and customs, we ensure your solution creates tangible results.

A vast service offering
KGH has a vast service portfolio, catering to all your customs needs. In addition to the various customs clearance services, we also provide a wide range of consulting services and digital solutions that can advance your customs management.

Helping you end-to-end
As part of Maersk, we support you all the way. Utilise the power of our end-to-end solutions to enhance your supply chain and advance your business.

Global reach, local know-how
Increase control and strengthen compliance with a single point of contact and access to local expertise. As a part of Maersk Customs Services, we help you manage customs globally.