Customs Declarations
Removing trade and supply chain barriers

With our long experience within customs clearance, KGH utilizes all types of declarations and simplifications to create solutions for your benefit. Our large European presence and worldwide network give you a single source of customs solutions to optimize trade benefits and minimize customs risk.

Results you can expect

  • Better predictability in supply chains. No matter how well a supply chain is planned, unforeseen problems arise. KGH solves this by providing on-site support at major borders and ports in Europe – purely to solve your problems and ensure a predictable and unbroken supply chain.
  • Better control and risk mitigation. Minimize bad data quality through our integrated risk and quality control of trade data for declarations and Intrastat.
  • More operational efficiency and flexibility. We work together with you to ensure the correct sustainable and scalable processes, technology and integration are being used for the greatest efficiency and flexibility.
  • Better liquidity. Make use of financial services integrated with our declarations to benefit from solutions with minimal liquidity required.

Service descriptions:

Import-Export Services

Simplify customs for inbound and outbound logistics
Whether you are buying, selling, renting or processing goods internationally, KGH can help identify the correct documentation, processes, procedures and simplifications for your supply chain. Simplify the flow of trade data by consolidating, structuring and quality-controlling the data, while we work together to classify your goods correctly. FTAs, licenses, quotas and fulfilling restrictions are always a prime consideration for us so you can reap the benefit of correct customs value, duties and VAT.

Your trade data is important to us, so managing and storing your trade documentation are part of the service. To secure predictability in your supply chain, we provide on-site support and document courier service at major ports and border crossings.

More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Simplified handling of exports
  • Quality-approved exportation
  • Correct classification of goods
  • Duty and VAT calculation
  • Smooth handling of declaration documentation
  • Managing contact with customs authorities in the involved countries
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Move your goods more freely across borders with simplified handling.

Avoid unnecessary duty and VAT payments and simplify moving your goods across and between borders. When a supply chain covers several countries or customs unions, we can assist you with a transit declaration to avoiding unnecessary payments of customs duties and VAT. Through our long history of customs broking, we have acquired the competence and authorizations to offer you a single point of access and simplified procedures, providing an efficient, unbroken logistics chain, and eliminating the risk of penalties and fees.

More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Securities for taxes and duties
  • Transits for both EU and non-EU goods
  • Documentation between customs offices (departure and destination)


As a single window provider with harmonized and standardized processes to manage all your reports, we simplify statistical reporting for your international trade. KGH helps you collect, consolidate and report all the necessary data to Intrastat for goods transported within the EU between member states.

More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Effective processes to report both Intrastat Dispatch and Intrastat Arrival
  • Consolidating and aggregating your data related to Intrastat
  • Electronic exchange of information with relevant authorities

Auxiliary Services

Financial Services

To additionally improve your cash flow, reduce your payment administration and give you greater financial capacity and flexibility, we can assist you with pre-payments or guarantees of VAT, duties and fees.

EDI Integration

To enjoy the optimal efficiency and data accuracy gained from your customs processes, we will work together with your IT team to carry out EDI integration. We have customs teams specialized in handling EDI flows to ensure quick processing time of your declarations.

Why we are different

  • Our service portfolio covers all areas of trade and customs management, giving you a single contact and source for trade and customs solutions.
  • Our services are handled cross-functionally, meaning that you have access to highly competent advisors able to see the processes in a holistic manner and from all perspectives.
  • Our organization focuses on your business and your needs. KGH departments are specialized according to business segments to ensure we focus on your needs.