Customs Control Tower
The centralized solution for your customs flow overview and customs data visibility

KGH – Customs Control Tower (CCT) gives you a complete overview of your customs partnerships, flows, documents and data in one place – and lets you access the full value KGH can bring to your business.

The results you can expect

  • Better control of the entire customs process, helping you improve the financial and operational impact on your business
  • Lower operational costs through smarter work processes and deeper understanding of the total cost of your customs
  • More efficient work processes, easier communication and easier access to the information you need
  • Optimized duties paid: CCT improves your sourcing capabilities and the use of various customs solutions
  • Increased compliance: CCT is always on top of the upcoming changes in legislation and their impact – while helping you detect and correct irregularities

The service you receive

Instead of spending time and resources on managing multiple external and internal contacts, Customs Control Tower becomes your single point of contact. Furthermore, CCT turns complex communication and flows into streamlined processes providing you with important decision support developing your customs management.

The solution provides visibility, transparency, easy access and new abilities to analyse key data and costs. Customs Control Tower supports, coordinates and orchestrates all your customs handling, invoice management, reporting and analysis in one place. Additionally, the CTDS Customs Process Governance software that is an integrated part of the solution allows for extensive analysis and reporting possibilities. Key features include:

  • Single point of contact for handling your customs declarations
  • Customs data consolidation in one place
  • Full overview of data flow and management for optimized trade and customs management
  • Quality assurance
  • Always up to date and in line with upcoming legal requirements

Why KGH?

  • KGH has a long experience and deep knowledge of developing and implementing efficient central customs management solutions
  • Vast experience from working with global companies
  • Comprehensive service portfolio covering all aspects of customs
  • As a part of Maersk Customs Services, we help you manage customs globally
  • Critical ability to handle and simplify complex processes