Boost your operational efficiency and manage your risks

Providing operational solutions

At KGH, we take the time to understand your business and identify the elements of customs management that can make sure your customs processes boost your operational efficiency. Because international trade flows and supply chains should always be a facilitator for growth – and not be limited by daily customs activities. Our services are sustainable and scalable to handle any and all of your operational customs needs, while facilitating growth in line with your strategy. We cooperate with you every step of the way to ensure these value-adding processes become an everyday part of your operation, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Results you can expect

  • Improved control and risk mitigation. Get easy access to operational customs expertise and high-quality customs processes.
  • Reduced operational costs. A single supplier helps you consolidate all your trade information and simplify reporting.
  • Optimal efficiency from your customs operations. Reap the benefits of utilizing compliance-focused processes optimized by cutting-edge software.

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Customs Control Tower

Take control of your customs processes

My Customs Desk

Your personal customs advisors

Customs Declarations

Removing trade and supply chain barriers

Accountancy & VAT services

Accountancy specialized in international trade

Mowi Markets Norway AS uses KGH as the main supplier of solutions for customs handling within the EU. KGH is our advisor on transit issues. Availability, price, quality, and service are the most important reasons we have chosen KGH as a long-term partner. KGH offers customs solutions at all necessary borders that Mowi Markets Norway AS passes on its way into the EU today. KGH takes care of all our important customs issues and is very professional in its contact with the customs authorities.

Ivar Raugstad

Logistics Manager,

Mowi Markets Norway ASA

Why we are different

  • Our service portfolio covers all areas of trade and customs management, giving you a single contact and source for trade and customs solutions.
  • Our services are handled cross-functionally, meaning that you have access to highly competent advisors able to see the processes in a holistic manner and from all perspectives.
  • Our organization focuses on your business and your needs. KGH departments are specialized according to business segments to ensure we focus on your needs.