KGH Brexit Service Hub
Borders don´t have to be barriers

We help you manage customs after Brexit

At our Brexit Service Hub, KGH has gathered all our customs services and resources that can help you manage Brexit and handle the transition to ensure supply chain performance. Let us help you prepare for efficient trade post-Brexit.

Results you can expect:

  • Recommendations for a successful Brexit transition that reduces costs, strengthens compliance and minimises the risks of business interruptions along supply chains.
  • Improved trade and supply chain management – our comprehensive advisory services help you identify what to do and how to get there; together we translate strategy into actions.
  • Leveraging Brexit as a strategic opportunity to boost your competitiveness and trade performance.

Explore our Brexit services

KGH offers several services to align with specific company needs and complexities:

Brexit Customs Declaration Services

Our dedicated operations services to support imports into and exports from the UK. Empower your capacity to handle customs clearance.

Brexit Analysis

We offer several different analysis services, ready to align with specific company needs and complexities. We help you to set priorities and reduce disturbances and risk.

Brexit Customs Training

Prepare for Brexit with professional online courses, created and developed by our experienced experts. Increase your competence, ensure compliance and reduce the risk of penalties.


Leading Brexit expertise: our experts have been working directly with the UK and the EU on a Brexit solution for foreign trade and know Brexit from the inside-out. KGH has been an instrumental thought leader in the debate on the future UK-EU “Smart Border 2.0”.

Broad and top-notch Customs & Trade experience: We have supported +50 Government clients and more than 14.000 private sector client from all industries in optimizing their Customs, Trade and border management processes. Customs is and has been at the core of KGH’s services for over 50 years.

Hands-on approach: action-based with a focus on results. We are pragmatic, engaged and work hard to reach set targets.

Strong network and reach. We have access to key stakeholders in governments, authorities and associated experts all over the world. Getting the information you need fast – and getting the job done!