Government Services
Tailor-made to give you the best results.

Get the latest and greatest border management solution, tailor-made to give you the best results.

If you are a government agency or authority searching for the optimal border management solution, KGH have the solutions for you. With our long experience, more than 1 300 customs experts and a global network of partners, we are experts in state-of-the-art customs solutions for managing and facilitating trade.

KGH has extensive in-house expertise in areas such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT), security, trade facilitation, one-stop-shop and paperless processes. We also have vast experience in leadership and management development, transit and trade corridors, customs union development and organisational development.

To ensure successful implementation and the best results, our experts always use the latest technology and best practices from all over the world, combined with their extensive experience of working in government as well as international development projects.

Assisting governments around the world:

  • Strategy
  • Tactical planning
  • Analysis
  • Operational reform and modernisation
  • Education and training
  • Human resource development
  • Implementation of modernised customs and border management
  • Focus on results

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