CTDS Customs Process Management
The intelligent system for smooth customs declaration filing

Manage your customs transactions straight from the cloud with a lean and compliant customs solution. CTDS Customs Process Management lets you take full command of every aspect of the declaration process and get the full benefits. It is the single solution you need for customs clearance.

The results you can expect

  • Increased efficiency based on secure routines and swift information exchange
  • Better quality in your processes with smarter declaration handling and user support
  • Faster and hassle-free collaboration thanks to a standardised integration link

What you get with Customs Process Management

CTDS Customs Process Management offers a powerful tool for handling customs obligations. The solution is a selection of independent modules tailored to specific customs procedures, each module complete with user-friendly interfaces, secure routines and direct communication with customs authorities.

Smart declaration pages and built-in support functions like validations and wizards assist your users all the way to a cleared declaration. All modules feature extensive user support to help you boost the efficiency and speed of your processes without compromising the quality of your declarations.

Furthermore, with the CTDS suite, you can take full advantage of system-to-system integration via a standardised interface. You can integrate with any party, across any platform, and easily interact with your preferred broker to get documents cleared on time. All message exchanges with customs authorities are safeguarded using swift and secure communication channels.

Current modules

Customs Warehouse Management

Lean and efficient warehouse management

Keep track of all goods movements to and from your warehouse with a central warehouse journal. You can communicate seamlessly with all parties involved in your warehouse flow, and use the numerous reports and system-wide transparency to collect and audit your data. You can even complete the transit formalities for arriving shipments straight from this module.

Declaration Management

Compliant customs clearance

Draw up and complete your customs documents straight from your browser using intuitive and user-friendly declaration tools – no matter the procedure or its complexity. Users drive the declaration process forward quickly and securely, guided by dynamic system structures and advanced user support, thus making sure that declarations get cleared on time without complication. All modules are available individually, so you can build the solution that fits your business.

Case Management

Serve multiple clients efficiently and easily

Forwarding companies can buy a specialised case management module developed by KGH to help us serve our own clients. Treat each declaration request as a case and manage every case efficiently and timely, helping you stay on top of your business and serve all your clients at once.


  • Designed for experts by experts. CTDS is designed in close cooperation with our own customs professionals. It’s built for their use – as well as customs professionals outside KGH. Our declarants work in CTDS every day and we know that second-best solutions are not an option for anyone in the customs world.
  • Team up with KGH when you need it. Enjoy easy collaboration with our declarants through CTDS – your data never leaves the system, it merely switches hands. Use our declaration services during peak periods, holidays or whenever needed – we have the manpower you need and they already know how to work with CTDS.
  • Get the customs knowledge and support you want. We offer more than a software solution: We can help you with anything from on-site assistance and best practice at the border to strategic customs support. As a customer, you can benefit from KGH’s broad service offering and combine our services in a way that suits your business.
  • Full support throughout your supply chain. Thanks to our extensive presence across Europe and deep customs knowledge, we can help ensure smooth border crossings and act as your single point of contact for customs enquiries. We have the local experts to provide the support you need, no matter where you are.
  • Join our large network. CTDS is set to develop into an international customs solution with multi-country and –procedure support. Trade up with us, when it is time. Until then, we have declarants ready to assist you in any matter across most of Europe – either at our own service offices or through partnerships.