Have everything you need delivered straight to your Inbox

Need help filtering your data to get the output you want from the Analytics application? With Reporting, you can opt out of the manual work and get the reports you need delivered straight to your Inbox, every month.

The results you can expect

  • Reduce workload by getting ready-made reports
  • Skip time spent filtering data manually
  • Make quicker decisions with an aligned view within the company

The product you receive

Crunch the numbers straight from your Inbox with convenient monthly reports. Our standard report package will provide you with the overview you need, delivered as reports per customer number and as consolidated reports. Add in tailor-made reports designed by KGH to get even more out of your reporting. Everything is provided as spreadsheets, ready for further use. Key features include:

  • Have reports delivered to your Inbox
  • Get individual reports per customer
  • No manual filtering of data
  • Share reports conveniently by e-mail
  • Opt for additional tailor-made reports

Report examples:
Overview – Monitor the amount of paid duties, the number of documents and article lines and identify the seven HS headings for which the largest duty amounts are paid.

Import – Keep track of the number of import declarations. Examine document details such as customer references, tariff codes, procedures and more.

Export – Review the number of export documents and go through the details of each export document in the same way as with the

Import report – Details: Combined declaration data from the other reports let you summarise and analyse all of the available customs data at once.