Manage processes on a project level to never miss a beat

Create and manage automated flows and processes on a project level. Define process parameters and milestones. Add custom statuses, asset and workflow types to support your internal processes.

The results you can expect

  • Adaptable to many various workflows saves time and errors
  • Gives full control over the exchange of information which reduces the leadtime and costs
  • High security and protected data by controlling user access

The product you receive

Keep track of the communication and documents leading up to customs clearance. Set up automated rules to help govern information flows and process steps. Keep track of every event using statuses, timestamps and extensive logging. Exchanged documents and integration messages are available straight from the application. Define which users you want to access the individual types of stored data. Key features include:

  • Keep track of information exchange
  • Manage any number of workflows
  • Shape projects to your processes
  • Restrict user access to project data
  • Apply multiple data models at once