Partner Broker
Focus on your core business while your partners refine your data

Boost your data quality by letting partners log in and add the data and documents you need, using roles and actions that are customised per actor.

The results you can expect

  • Reduce errors by using source data all the way
  • Save vital time by letting your partners enter data
  • Make the processes effective and secure by giving individual actors specific rights

The product you receive

Enable your collaboration partners to contribute with their data and documents, directly in the solution. They upload and share their source data, saving you valuable time on data collection and entry so you can focus elsewhere. Configure partner rights per process – everything is fully customisable. Enjoy the data flow of integrated solutions – without the same costs and requirements. Key features include:

  • Let partners upload data and documents
  • Improve data quality using source data
  • Outsource data entry to partners
  • Define individual actor rights per process
  • Get the feel of integration at a lower cost