Keep an eye on your flows and measure how well you do

Monitor your performance in real-time. Follow up on milestones and accepted time slots to work proactively with service level agreements and deadlines. Get pre-breach warnings and improve your possibilities to identify obstructive bottlenecks.

The results you can expect

  • Reduce costs by mitigating or avoiding delays and errors
  • Act proactively and reduce workload with pre-breach warnings
  • Keep control of supply chain performance with regular follow-ups with milestones and gates

The product you receive

Execute your own monitoring routines with Insights. Use the milestones and timestamps from your Projects app to evaluate KPIs and follow up on service level agreements. Make sure that delays are reported properly using reason codes. Add in pre-warnings to get alerted about potential breaches and act proactively. Use the historic data to identify root causes and eliminate distracting bottlenecks. Key features include:

  • Monitor flows with milestones and gates
  • Mitigate delays and errors efficiently
  • Prevent problems before they even occur
  • Work predictively with pre-breach warnings
  • Stay in the loop with monthly follow-ups