Easily store, view and share your documents from the cloud

All in one place with easy access – upload your documents in multiple ways and benefit from tags and filters to easily group, sort and browse the archive.

The results you can expect

  • Easy to upload and categorise documents
  • Quick access to documents on the screen via filter functions
  • Save time with a smooth process to approve or reject documents

The product you receive

E-Archive lets you store and manage important documents in a central location. It promotes a centralised document archive with the potential benefits of efficiency, transparency and compliance – straight from a lean cloud solution. Store and preview any kind of document or picture in the archive, as long as it complies with the supported file formats and you have free space available. Key features include:

  • Upload by e-mail, integration and manually
  • Preview documents easily on the screen
  • Group, sort and filter documents by tags
  • Control and validate applied tag formats
  • Approve or reject submitted document