Business Intelligence
Turn your customs data into improvement potential

Let Business Intelligence provide you with the insights you need to improve your business. Identify improvement possibilities, spot tendencies and respond to divergences while keeping track of the current status of your customs documents.

The results you can expect

  • Make your analysis easier with a dashboard view
  • With graphs, you can highlight tendencies and streamline your supply chain
  • Improve your business processes by visualising divergences

The product you receive

Enjoy business intelligence in a lean way and turn solid numbers into bars, lines and pies. Apply the filtering you want and go back days, months or years. Bookmark your filters and selections to share interesting findings with colleagues. Print the presented data directly from the app or download the raw numbers in Excel format to apply your own layout before sharing them with others. Key features include:

  • Visualise all customs data in one place
  • Graphs to highlight tendencies
  • Turn data into improvement potential
  • Spot divergences and act proactively
  • Keep track of customs document status