CTDS Customs Process Governance
Your control tower to monitor and follow up your customs activities

CTDS Customs Process Governance helps you reduce operational costs and optimize duties paid while contributing to improved risk management. The control tower improves collaboration within your supply chain and lets you monitor and follow up your customs activities using one interface.

The results you can expect

  • Stronger compliance through well-defined processes, increased transparency and new possibilities to validate data and practices
  • Improved trade performance. CTDS Customs Process Governance provides new abilities to follow up your performance as the basis for both strategic decisions and continuous improvements
  • Reduced operational costs thanks to improved collaboration and new possibilities to proactively manage potential issues

The product you receive

When it comes to your trade and customs activities, you can’t improve what you can’t see.

CTDS Customs Process Governance turns fragmented information flows between multiple parties into one efficient process. It acts as a central hub between all supply chain parties allowing you to establish the lines of command and the flows you want for an efficient clearance process. CTDS Customs Process Governance executes desired events the way you planned them.

With all relevant data at your fingertips, CTDS Customs Process Governance gives you the traceability you need. Track everything you do – and, most importantly, start measuring how well you do it. Early warnings and automated processes let you detect and manage deviations better, reducing the risk for costly interruptions in the supply chain. Customizable dashboards and reports provide you with the intelligence you need to analyse and develop your processes, improving your operational efficiency while reducing risk.

Key features include:

  • Track your data pipeline all the way through the clearance process – from document storage in e-Archive to monthly follow-ups with Reporting.
  • Build audit trails, manage access and editing levels for partners and keep all of your documents conveniently stored in one place
  • Track completion of milestones and identify root causes and bottlenecks
  • Designed to naturally blend into your supply chain, involved parties can interact via a single interface to push the process ahead in unison
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS), so always updated with the latest regulations and the best work processes
  • Supports both an effective manual work process as well as a fully digitized information flow

Meet the applications

CTDS Customs Process Governance comes with a selection of applications, which you can add into your solution as your business evolves. The required minimum package contains the e-Archive application.

Additional applications can be added, each app carefully designed to let you take the next step, while also providing the foundation to expand your solution even further in the future.


Easily store, view and share your documents from the cloud

Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on your flows and measure how well you do


Manage processes on a project level to never miss a beat


Have everything you need delivered straight to your Inbox


Focus on your core business while your partners refine your data


Turn your customs data into improvement potential


  • Extensive onboarding and support services that maximize your performance and help you get going smooth and efficiently
  • Offers a state-of-the-art suite of software solutions to improve your trade and customs management
  • Built-in expertise – utilizing the full potential of KGH’s knowledge in how to facilitate trade
  • Provides a wide range of services, from strategy consulting to onsite training, that will help you develop your business and reduce the number of vendors
  • Extensive knowledge in how an effective customs process improves supply chain performance
  • International organisation and network give you know-how and strength