Save time and money, as well as increase quality, with the newest and most advanced warehousing solution.

Do you want the possibility to avoid transit documents for your customers? Do you want to retain your customers and add new value with a highly competitive article-based customs warehouse solution? Or do you just want the best solution for yourself and need help to get it operational?

Take advantage of our competence and resources. KGH can help you achieve the most efficient and cost-effective customs warehouse solution to gain maximum quality, savings and liquidity as fast as possible. What’s more, it is achievable with a minimal investment and you are always assured of the best possible support. The solution is based on our own Butterfly® 4 Customs Trade System, specially developed for customs specialists in the new Union Customs Code (UCC).

The solution provides the following:

  • ERP integration with high level of automation
  • High level of system-supported processes and tool
  • High integrated customs tolls thanks to EDI customs bill with automatic control, AEO management system and integrated self-monitoring tool
  • Global Connect gives your customers a CMS (Control Management System) to monitor their customs declarations and documentation regardless of type, country or customs agent


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