Increase compliance, performance and duty optimization.

When it comes to your trade and customs activities, you can’t improve what you can’t see. With the CTDS Customs Process Governance software solution, you get a better overview that allows you to reduce costs and ensure an efficient flow of goods through increased compliance, performance and duty optimization: Download pdf

Strategic customs decision support
With a full overview and enhanced data quality, you can take conscious, well-informed decisions at all levels for your company and business.

Customs compliance by control and risk mitigation
Is your company compliant enough? With the ability to follow up and analyse possibilities, the archive function, the risk assessments and mitigations, you will be able to answer the question yourself.

Monitoring trade performance and continuous improvements
Monitor real-time transparency, and introduce extensive scorecards and service level agreements. Measure KPIs, discover enhancements and develop your business continuously.

Customs operational efficiency and duty optimization
In our experience, a well-performed customs operation reduces administrative costs by up to 30%, and a functional duty optimization can save you up to 8% of the value of the goods.

To learn more: Michael Björkman,  Key Account Manager, KGH Digital.