Make the most out of your business’s potential by taking advantage of our customs consulting services.

Increase your business potential through full utilisation of free trade agreements, AEO certification (Authorised Economic Operator) and more. These areas are not always considered when setting your future direction, but they can have a big impact on your performance. Our consulting business helps you pro-actively identify and execute on untapped possibilities as well as improved risk mitigation.

Discover the consulting products that can help you most:

BREXIT Package
Before embarking on any initiatives in response to Brexit, it is crucial to conduct an analysis and draw up an appropriate plan tailored specifically to your company.

We have developed a BREXIT package to analyse trade flows and potential consequences from a company perspective. The KGH BREXIT package has a fixed price and delivers a practical, individualised action plan.

Further information is available in our BREXIT folder. Download folder

UCC Customs Diagnostic
A health check of your customs handling ahead of the upcoming UCC (new EU-wide customs legislation). The diagnostic has a compliance focus. It assesses how compliant your operations are with regard to current legislation, which customs permits you currently have including their role and importance for your operations. It also makes an assessment of your business’ current customs competence and where in the organization this knowledge resides.

Download UCC Diagnostic sheet

Diagnostics and audits

A customs diagnostic provides an overview of how your business customs activities are handled. What is done well and what could be better or must be looked into. The outcome includes recommendations for additional compliance work. If you wish to go into more depth for a specific area, we also offer audits thereby providing you with insights and the opportunity to take corrective action prior to an official Customs Audit.

AEO certification
An AEO certification can greatly improve your business performance through increased credibility and more cost-efficient customs management. With in-depth knowledge of the AEO certification processes and vast experience from helping other companies around Europe, we tailor our assistance to your needs – from analysing the potential and supporting you during implementation to maintaining the certification over the following years.

Download AEO certification sheet

Customs permits and routines (CPR)
Having the correct customs permits in place lets you take advantage of specific customs regulations and free trade possibilities. Together with well-documented routines, these permits will secure compliant, cost-efficient and smooth operations. KGH helps you identify which permits you need, manages the application process and helps with documenting the routines. Moreover, we help you handle enquiries from the customs authorities. Everything to ensure that applications are handled correctly and that your permits are in place when needed.

Ensuring the right classification of your goods can both significantly reduce costs and improve risk management. Misclassifications can lead to you either paying too high duties or severe penalties. KGH supports you in reviewing commodity codes (e.g. HS, EN, TARIC, Tariff, Customs codes) of existing article registers, recommending correct tariff codes for new articles as well as applying for Binding Tariffs (BTI). We also arrange tailored in-company training to functional groups within your company that can help improve your internal classification work.

Origin and free trade
Knowing which free trade agreements exist and how to take advantage of them leads to several benefits that increase competitiveness. When you import, reduced customs duties open up new opportunities for identifying possible suppliers, pricing and profit margins. At the same time, correct origin documentation leads to stronger customer relationships and less commercial risk if you are an exporter. KGH assists you with identification and evaluation of free trade possibilities as well as advising you on origin calculations and documentation. We also arrange tailored in-company training to functional groups within your company that facilitate how you work with origin and free trade.

Are you aware of all the trade advantages that come with good insight into free trade agreements, customs legislation and other related areas surrounding international trade? These benefits include sourcing advantages, duties paid and compliance management. Do you have a clear picture of what to do when you or someone else has identified errors or uncertainties in your customs management? How big is the “problem”, how do you resolve it and how do you implement the recommendations? As an objective and independent investigator, we review your current situation and propose suitable solutions to help you with the process going forward, whether it is in advance to support your business planning or after an incident has occurred.

For many, customs and their impact on trade and your daily business continuously generate questions. With our support agreement, you have direct access to first-line support from your personal team of experts. Through our good relationship with customs authorities and our participation in various customs and trade forums, we are not only up-to-date with the latest developments, but also shaping future legislation. All for the benefit of our customers.

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