Trade is crucial in reducing poverty, and KGH is devoted to using its expertise to support the implementation of smarter border processes and solutions to improve development.

KGH is fully committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is actively focusing on these Goals in relation to its overall strategy: to facilitate trade for sustainable growth. One of the prioritised focus areas is “Reducing trade barriers”.

Trade has proven to be a highly efficient approach to help countries to develop the local economy, reduce poverty, bring people closer together and maintain relations. This is when sustainable development happens, when people meet, trade and develop. KGH’s efforts in removing trade barriers for cross-border trade contributes to several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Focus on smart solutions and modern technology

KGH helps governments and the private sector to facilitate trade, introducing smarter border processes and solutions. This is done, for example, through the implementation of Single Windows, risk management, smart borders and digital border management. Another focus area is the implementation of programmes for Trusted Trader (TT), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA).

These programmes are contributing to several of the Sustainable Development Goals. Patrik Heinesson, Executive Director at KGH Global Consulting, explains:

“Firstly, modern Authorised Economic Operator and Trusted Trader programmes are designed to reduce trade barriers by providing benefits for trusted traders certified in the programmes. These benefits will facilitate cross-border trade, thus enabling speed, predictability and reduced costs. It becomes easier to trade. We have developed and implemented many of the latest AEO/TT programmes both in developed countries and emerging economies.

“Secondly, the mutual recognition between AEO/TT programmes in different countries further expands facilitation, collaboration and relations between countries. KGH is actively supporting countries in MRA negotiations in order to ensure their effectiveness and level of facilitation, and to make it easier for companies to trade with those countries,” he continues.

In summary, KGH is fully devoted to continuing its work and support for the Sustainable Development Goals, and is actively, and on a global scale, promoting trade facilitation and the reduction of trade barriers for sustainable growth.

Reducing trade barriers, bringing countries together to collaborate and develop international trade can boost the local economy and support UN SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as 16Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. It also supports SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals, as it brings together private and public sector in a trusted partnership.