Recorded in conjunction with KGH’s Brexit Symposium in Soest, Germany, Nov 20-21, 2018

“We stand in front of one of the biggest changes in customs in our lifetime… you should prepare for that”

Brexit will mean several changes, changes companies need to deal with. With only a few months left, several companies are still quite early in their preparation work, awaiting further information. This has to change. Fortunately, and maybe contrary to the common opinion, most is known from a customs perspective and it is imperative that companies increase their efforts to avoid unnecessary costs or even more severe disturbances in the businesses.

At the same time, new opportunities will arise for the companies who are prepared and ready for change. Let Lars Karlsson’s, Managing Director Global Consulting, KGH Customs Services, reflections regarding what you can do to master Brexit inspire and guide you in your work.


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