AEO management is traditionally based upon manual efforts and procedures. To address this, KGH Customs Services have launched AEO360 Business, the first full-fledged digital AEO compliance and monitoring service for companies – delivered as a SaaS solution.

The objective of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and Trusted Trader programs is to increase compliance and security among the trading community. Companies are trusted because they can demonstrate a structured approach to security, compliance and risk management. In addition to achieving and retaining AEO status, it is essential to maintain compliance management within the rules and regulations, in order to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Customs and AEO compliance management involves, to a large extent, manual efforts and procedures. To address this, KGH Customs Services have launched AEO360 Business, the first full-fledged digital Customs and AEO compliance management and monitoring solution. The solution, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), supports companies in the entire lifecycle of AEO, from preparation to ongoing internal control and monitoring of AEO compliance.

”AEO360 Business is the first AEO solution of its kind, supporting companies with smart tools to manage and monitor their AEO and Customs compliance. The solution is built on our extensive and leading experience in AEO, Trusted Trader and Customs compliance from around the globe,” says Christer Andersson, Global Manager AEO, IT and Innovation, Global Consulting, at KGH Customs Services.

The solution provides the option of mapping goods, supply chains, locations and business partners to the internal control in regards to management of risks, incidents and operational procedures. A compliance plan, based on risk and gaps, will provide the company with a tool to enforce and monitor where compliance measures are taken and implemented throughout the company structure. An extensive library of best practices, potential risks and recommended measures will help staff to perform the analysis and take appropriate actions. Dashboards and advanced reporting provide the user and responsible managers with a real-time view of compliance, risks and incidents on all levels and also which goods and supply chains that are impacted.

The option of integrating AEO360 Business with customs declaration data will further allow for more advanced analytics to identify new patterns in trading behaviour. Changes may introduce new risks which could also have an impact on the AEO status and where Customs authorities need to be informed. The integration will also provide the ability to measure the actual performance indicators in terms of received AEO benefits.

AEO360 Business keeps track of all interactions with Customs authorities. This enables traceability and transparency for all staff involved and with access rights. Self-assessment questionnaires, attached documentation of procedures, risk registers and other supporting documentation shared with customs is managed within the system. To conclude, AEO360 Business will not only ensure AEO compliance. It will also improve companies’ overall Customs compliance and internal control, whether they are AEO or not.


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For more information, contact:
Christer Andersson, Global Manager AEO, IT and Innovation
+46 (0)70-526 88 87