KGH has launched a dedicated webpage for updates regarding the status of our offices and the transportation situation in our different European markets.

With more and more countries are restricting traveling and some are more or less closing their borders, correct and updated information about the status of different transportations is crucial. At the moment, goods flows are maintained since functioning supply-chains are key to keep the society going through trucks passing the land borders, goods entering the ports and airports. However, due to the enforced border controls, there may be queues and slower border crossings and clearances than usual.

To assist traders, KGH has launched a dedicated webpage called “Corona Update”. On the update page, we provide updates on the situation at our offices and regarding customs clearance for road, sea and air transports in our operating markets. We also provide info about customs authorities and other government agencies. The information is available in a download format.


Visit the Corona Update webpage and download the information