At Maersk Customs Services (MCS), we love the magic of Christmas and are proud to deliver our services to Mr. Santa Claus and his team each year. So how do your Christmas presents end up under your tree every year – on time?

Of course, it all starts with being kind to each other during the year and making your wish list. Mr. Santa Claus surely knows if you have been naughty or nice. And as many of us know, Mr. Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi, Finland, where he also has his gigantic factory. No matter what’s on your wish list (if you’ve been nice, of course), Santa and his elf team make all gifts, from toys, clothes, fancy electronics, tech things, and delicious sweets. Short said he has every industry in his Christmas portfolio.

So to answer how your Christmas presents end up under your tree, we are proud assistants to Mr. Claus. Firstly, our heroes in the local office in Tornio take care of and ensure that all import declarations and HS codes, country of origin, and customs value, are correct. Being located in most countries, our closest hub in Helsinki does all import and export for Mr. Claus. Our central team works closely with Mr. Claus as his single point of contact. Since Mr. Claus works with electronic documents and EDI, they are all handled automatically in our digital engine. We also ensure that all VAT and other taxes are correctly paid, so you don’t need to worry about getting any extra charges or fees for your own gifts.


“Luckily for Mr. Claus, he can benefit from the free movement of goods within the EU; and only needs to report intrastat-statistics to local authorities in different countries, something we are supporting him with. And yes, of course, we have made sure to optimise the relevant parameters for Santa’s gifts, such as HS classification, verifying the country of origin/preferential origin, to benefit from the use of Free Trade Agreements. Our local offices know all local rules and regulations and national deviations, everything to ensure a smooth passage for Mr. Claus.” Peter Ruotsalainen, Key Account Manager, Sales & Customs Product Nordic

Secondly, when your Christmas gifts are ready for export, we have ensured that Rudolf and his fellow reindeer have been checked by vets and received the necessary documentation. That means they are cleared for take-off. And did you know Rudolf has a green nose when he crosses the borders to show his status and save time at the borders?

That means Mr. Santa can take his sleigh ride with all the gifts without problems, no matter where he goes – ensuring smooth customs clearance and delivery on time.


“Christmas time is busy but the most rewarding time of year. Having MCS as my trusted partner makes me sleep at night outside the season, and my customs clearance is faster than ever. Thanks to the customs experts, there is no risk of costly fees or penalties due to lack of compliance. I am thankful that I can focus on my core business and the Christmas spirit while MCS is taking care of and securing my daily operations –without MCS, there would have been many disappointed children and adults around the globe!” Mr. Santa Claus

We are happy and proud to assist Mr. Claus every year, saving Christmas for everyone thanks to our customs services.

Out at the last minute with Christmas gift ideas?

No worries, hurry up to write to Mr. Claus to make sure he can deliver on time.

Mr. Santa Claus
Santa Claus Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

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We wish you happy and peaceful holidays!