Syria is a country deeply affected by poverty as a result of the ongoing civil war. Its infrastructure, public offices and homes are in ruins. There is a shortage of food, clothing, medicine, equipment for schools, etc. The “Korbgemeinschaft”, a foundation of the Archdiocese of Vienna, therefore regularly calls for donations in kind and organizes transports directly to areas in need.

As part of our sustainability strategy, KGH takes on the customs declarations for the collective transports of the relief goods free of charge. KGH employees also lend a helping hand with loading the Maersk container.


“We hope to make a small contribution, so that people can rebuild their homes and livelihoods,” says Johann Widhalm, KGH Operations Manager Austria.

The “Hilfe für Syrien” (help for Syria) campaign welcomes any support, e.g. in the form of donations. If you want to help, you can find more information here