The new CTDS Customs Process Management product (CPM) is a modern and reliable cloud-based customs management solution, easy to integrate with other systems and always up to date with regulations. It allows customers to handle customs declarations in-house with potential support from an experienced customs broker in KGH.

CPM is customs competence combined in a solution with digital usability and compliance to help customers manage goods declarations with ease and precision. With more than 50 years in the industry, KGH has a deep understanding of what users need from a customs system, and CPM has been designed to fit every employee, from fresh trainees to skilled professionals.

“It is more than just a system. Customers get a relationship with an experienced and reliable partner. They can relax and sleep well at night,” says Lena Bagiaras, Product Manager at KGH.

The cloud solution allows customers to get started in no time (without any installation on servers) and keep working around the clock from any laptop or device. It is based on modern technologies for optimal security and performance. This provides customers with a lasting solution, available in a SaaS environment that matches future demands and challenges.

Furthermore, the solution is also configurable and customers can design the solution they need based on available modules and customs procedures while being assured that everything is up to date to always comply with the customs regulations.

Key features

  • Capacity to handle operational customs declarations if needed.
  • Access to KGH’s experienced customs experts.
  • Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), CPM is easy to use and has seamless integration with other systems.
  • Reliable compliance and always updated with the latest regulations.

For more information, contact:

Roger Andersson, Sales Director Digital at KGH
+46 (0)73-300 30 80

Learn more about Customs Process Management

Customs Process Management (CPM) is a part of CTDS, which is a suite of software products designed to help improve and streamline your trade and customs management. It helps customers prepare for and take full advantage of the digitalization within customs and trade. The suite builds on future-proof technology and is constantly developed to match changing legislation and best practices, all of which serves as a guarantee for a compliant and lasting solution.