”The success with the UK Customs Academy Online Training and the European ECLAT Program, together with long-term challenges posed by Covid-19 to continue classroom training, have contributed to the strategic decision of KGH to, as from now on, solely deliver digital training to its clients. The digital training will be coordinated from KGH in Sweden, offering a wide range of customs related training modules on a global level.

Thanks to an agreement with Esther Weidijk, the already initiated classroom trainings in the Netherlands will be fully delivered by KGH. In parallel, Esther will continue to deliver classroom training in her own company Jeldo Opleidingen. For this purpose, Jeldo has also been assigned the full right to use the brand name Douaneopleidingen as well as the web domain. We wish Esther and her company all the best in their future endeavors.”

Patrik Heinesson, Managing Director KGH Global Consulting