In the spirit of West Pride in Sweden, our KGH employees in Gothenburg have taken an initiative to decorate both themselves and the interior of the HQ office in the colors of the rainbow!

The colors that represent Equality, Inclusion, Diversity, and the right for everyone to be “their true self,” have been spread all across the office. The engagement employees are showing is forming the culture that also strengthens the corporate agenda. KGH is focused on promoting equality, diversity, and an inclusive work environment in alignment with the UN goals. In this employee initiative, these focus areas are brought into the spotlight.

“It is our fundamental belief that all employees shall be treated equally, fairly and with respect,” says Kristina Korsgren, CHRO at KGH. “Everyone shall be given the same opportunities to employment and development and to thrive in an inclusive and welcoming workplace.”

With diversity comes valuable individual knowledge and experiences that are vital for the growth and development of a truly international company. Something that is communicated to all KGH employees and plays a crucial role in our Employer Branding work where “borders doesn’t have to be barriers” is not only our business concept for trade but also our internal cross-border collaboration mindset.

From the KGH Gothenburg office, we want to share all the love!