Our front offices have a lot of transports coming through every day. At the Swedish-Norwegian border, we have between 250 and 700 drivers coming into each office every day, which is about the same numbers as earlier years. During the current circumstances, extra caution is of course taken.

We focus on the safety and security for both the drivers and our staff, while at the same time provide the best possible service.

Examples of cautions taken:

✅ A limited number of drivers in the office

✅ Extra protected glass at the desk

✅ Hand-sanitizers provided

✅ Marks at the desk lines to help to keep the distance

✅ Extra cleaning is done by our staff

✅ Less work-rotation between offices to limit any possible virus spread

✅ Increased information to drivers


We are also very thankful to the drivers, who are helping us by being extra cautious, using gloves and mouth protection, keeping the distance and much more.