Improve cash flow and digitalise handling of the flow of goods with KGH’s new CPM Customs Warehouse solution.

With customs procedures being harmonised and digitalised, tools are needed to ensure efficiency and compliance in the flow of goods. With in-depth knowledge of the customs domain combined with advanced technical expertise, KGH has developed CPM Customs Warehouse, a new tool for digitalising your customs warehouse procedure.

CPM – Customs Warehouse is compliant with the legal requirements for warehouse accounting and affords the user an overview of the entire flow – from ordering and loading of goods in third country, to arrival, inbound delivery and removal of goods from the customs warehouse.


The product offers features such as:

  • Pre arrival notification, which enables planning and process optimisation in the customs warehouse.
  • Handling inbound deliveries with closure of transit, declaration to assign to customs warehouse procedure, and registration of received and cleared goods.
  • Handling outbound deliveries with registration of removed goods, along with declaration for subsequent customs procedures.
  • Maintenance of an article registry of classified goods
  • Reports on customs warehouse accounting for a given period, or to gain an overview of a specific article’s movements, number of closed transits or goods declared on a specific customs declaration.


CPM Customs Warehouse is offered in the form of Software as a Service, which makes it easy to get started using the tool. The product is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements. For those wishing to automate their processes the tool can be integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning system, which means only a few manual tasks are needed in the day-to-day work. Inbound and outbound deliveries are registered automatically and only needs to be approved manually.

The CPM Customs Warehouse SaaS solution can be combined with business services provided by KGH, whereby we takes care of your customs declarations for storage and removal while you focus on the physical flow of goods.

KGH’s new customs warehouse solution brings you a step closer to the digital future. Furthermore, CPM Customs Warehouse is continuously being developed. KGH monitors changes in the customs domain, listens to your suggestions for improvement and updates the product so as to continually assure process efficiency and compliance with regulations.

Lena Bagiaras, Product Owner, KGH Digital

For a demonstration or further information, please contact Roger Andersson at, or call +46 (0)733-00 30 80 or read more here.