Road to Norway – a sustainable solution for large scale export of floriculture

Dutch floricultural exporters break records year after year. The VGB (Trade Association for the Wholesale of Flowers and Plants) states that in 2019, 6.2 billion flowers, plants, flower bulbs and tree nursery products left the country. Floriculture is the third most important export product for the Netherlands after machinery and metal, and metal products.

Further growth is possible through wholesalers such as Hilverda De Boer. Growth through scaling-up and consolidation. Hilverda De Boer has been represented in Dutch flower wholesale for over 100 years. In recent years, the company has rapidly evolved into the digital era with well thought out strategic development. According to the Dutch saying

“Development beyond ´the back of the beer mat´” says CFO Erik Pesch.

Hilverda De Boer innovates and focuses on the development of data management and as a service provider through online methods with a range of online shops.

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