On December 6th KGH held a seminar together with Plan, the largest logistics organization in Sweden (plan.se). The topics was two of most hot issues in our business, Brexit and digitization. There were approximately 30 spectators from different industries participating in this afternoon event.

Lars Karlsson MD Global Consulting, gave the audience an eye opener about the fact that Brexit will happen, the question is only in what shape and it is only about 70 working days left. On December 11th the British Parliament will for or against the current proposal and according to today’s position it will be a no.

Vidar Gundersen CCO, guided us in the field of information exchange in the supply chain through the years and into the future. Some of his interesting findings was that Edifact still is the dominant format and platform for data exchange today, that there are a lot of different systems that claim to have single-window solution but the user have different view.

The seminar that was held in Gothenburg, was hosted by Michael Björkman who is regional chairman within the Plan organization.

The spontaneous feedback from the audience was very positive and all agreed that these issues are rising on the general logistics agenda.

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